Lord of the rings online

Whirlstorms, my Loremaster toon, was the only active. Yes, it is with “s” at the end: Whirlstorm was already taken. I continued to quest in Bree land and finally reached Combe.

Situation is interesting. I still (at lvl.12) have only 3 non-suicidal attacks. One attack with staff, one ranged damage-over-time and one weak ranged. While solo (without pet) I am pretty much in trouble. However, situation does change with pet and at greater distance. I can sent my pet to deal with enemy while I engage distant enemy with my 2 attacks. This way I finished spider and brigand slayers without any feeling of grind. If spider/brigand walks, I just sent my trustfull Bear – and problem solved. Is Bear in trouble? No problem, I have pet/ally heal (cannot heal myself).

Deeds. Somehow Loremaster’s deeds are very grindy, I have to use certain skills some 600 or even 1000 times.

Skills and trait trees: this is where I still do not understand something. I do not gain new skills. Trait trees gives only passive ones, like “increase pet healt +1”, “increase fire damage by +2” etc. Minstrel, Champion gain many new skills while advancing Trait tree…Loremaster gets none. Cannot understand such logic, but maybe later I will be spammed with new ranged/melee skills?

I am feeling somehow confident with Loremaster. With pet on my side, I can double slaying. At higher levels I may just park my Loremaster, set pet to agressive mode and see how my pet destroys anything. Of course, Minstrel is better – it has many skills, it has self-heals and nukes; but after Minstrel, there is Loremaster.

And so the day has ended: I was very satisfied with my Loremaster. So satisfied that I forgot I am losing my job at November 28…