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Lord of the rings online

As one famous musical said – “trying everything new”. Stormsong tried new Rohan part. She is in a bit risky position – after all, not all Wildermore is finished, not all deeds done, Kindred with evil survivors of WIldermore not reached. However, I am progressing quickly, trying to kill almost anything that is safe to kill. Soon, I will be ready for evil Big Battles.

Runekeeper was born. Dwarf, of course (would never play Elf or nosey Hobbit). I almost forgot how intro quests for Dwarves looks like. Runekeeper was an interesting class. Ranged damage-over-time, almost without weapons (only one runestone and some satchel). Bikini (i.e. light) armour. Statuses close to these of Minstrel: Will, Vitality…and unlike Minstrel – critical rating. Main thing is, Runekeeper relies on Damage over time. Has -at low levels – one very weak heal. Most times I had some diifficulties with fighting if it came to melee. Then, like a Warden, Runekeeper has “attunements”: if you use offensive spells, you get red, if healing – green, if neutral – grey. The more reds, the better offense, the worse heals; the more greens, the better defense, the worse offense. At the end I was a bit disappointed: I was unable to master Runekeeper. With Minstrel I felt almost invicible, I could switch from heals to dps, from dps to heals and I had almost nukes. With same level runekeeper I had to avoid some attacks and I had no melee weapon. Result: runekeeper used reputation items, earned some TPs and got deleted.

Then Loremaster was born. Once again, bikini armour. At least he uses staff and can use sword. Of course, can summon animals: at lvl.1 it is bear. Strange thing is, Loremaster uses suicidal attacks: these are powerfull, but takes away health from LM himself. Never knew Lord of the rings would use Death Knigh idea…And the Loremaster was something I enjoyed. First, it is my pet. I can sent it to attack enemy and just support with ranged attack. Second: my attacks are on low cooldown. They are kind of long to cast, but soon cooldown is over. Third: with my own pet, I could fight 2 monsters at the same time. Bad thing is, I cannot heal myself, only my pet/ally.  Not so optimistic thing – deeds are long long to achieve, like summon pet 200 times or strike with staff 600 times. These two pesky things aside, Loremaster is great (not so superb as Ministrel, but still…). I levelled my Whirlstorm, entered Kinship with her – now, my training begins…

NaktiesKarys was at least needed to someone. One player asked for help in Forochel, I volunteered. We went to the caves with Dourhands and killed local named Dourhand. It was easy for me. Shing-shing, enemy dead. Then, we killed some named animal. The player (lvl.43 Loremaster) was impressed and I felt good being able to help others.

We talked in Kinship chat, about my Wardens/Runekeepers/Loremasters. About questing in ROhan and the fact I would be forced to to Big Battles soon (but I really need only to run through then, rewards are of zero importance).

And so weekend has ended. It was very good in Lotro.