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Lord of the rings online

StormSong quested once again in Wildermore, running through Balewood, then having several session-plays, seeing Ents going to war and one Ent dying. I ran from one NPC to another only to come to inevitable: confronting Nurzum. A task I am not ready for, my squishy Minstrel is not ready for massive aggro.

Did some epic quests, received xp, reached Kindred with the people of Wildermore…and yet still stuck at level 91. In forums they say lvl.92 tanks were killed several times in a row – and I am just a squishy minstrel.

Once again I am feeling lost. Grinding would take too long: enemies give too little xp. No power-levelling. Task items are not miraculous and even if I reach level 92 – what’s then? Nothing. So, my Minstrel is stuck, my Naktieskarys is stuck too, Vytautaz does nothing (out of task items).

Talked to Kinship. Some of us do understand how I feel. There are offers that I start levelling third toon. I am starting to think about Rune Keeper. Saw it in action, how he electrocutes monsters far quickier than Minstrel. Negative moments – less heals, more need to run and avoid attacks. And yes, I hope our boss won’t be upset I do not choose Warden…

However, now I must mobilize all remaining will and level up my Mini. Have another part of Rohan, Entwood and flooded Isengard to go. Then I stop: Gondor with it’s senseless grind is a “no-no” for me.

NaktiesKarys was happy enough to craft weapon for one player. Met him first time, he’s probably non-native English speaker (adressing me “Sir” and “Master”). At last I was needed to someone…

And so the day has ended. It was kind of good in Lotro.