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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong had little time to play. Quested in Wildermore, trying to avoid over-powered warbands (in fact doable only with raid). Quest brought me to Balewood, evil tree trolls’ teritory. Tried to kill every single troll…yet I know they would cause me much problems. However, I will continue killing them as long as map is on my side (i.e. red dots).

Met local ents, quested for them, saw their meetings and discussion about Nurzum. I am still far, very far from confronting Nurzum. Still lvl.91 (need at least 92) and my “virtues” aren’t maxed. Reputation with people of Wildermore grows up, I have many task items. All I need is some 1 week to turn in task items and become more powerfull.

I am feeling a bit tired from Wildermore. This is not my favourite region and overpowered warbands makes it less desirable. Yes, I need reputation and TP from it, need to be become stronger in these eternal snows.

And so the day has ended and it was kind of good in Lotro.