Lord of the rings online

Lotro was offline – some maintenance. Went online about 2-1,5 hours earlier than announced. Kudos, Turbine.

Stormsong fought in Wildermore. Reached level 91, got 1 trait point, invested (God knows if I did it right) into blue line, increase outgoing healing. Would it affect myself, i.e. if I heal myself?

Did many quests, side quests, few warbands. Sometimes I’m in a hurry and forget the most important rule: kill anything that counts for slayer deed. When I stick to this rule, I get valuable xp and crafting materials. When I forget…well, it means I would have to return and kill mindlessly.

Quests have taken me to evil Balewood. Do not like this forest (2 over-powered warbands with almost millions of hp), but would do what they ask me to do there.  And when things are finished – I would have to turn in almost all task items, day by day, to grow up and prepare to battle Nurzum. If he easily killed tank several times in a row, I have little chance, but may still try it.

Oh yes, quests. Quest logic. Go and gather snow: would be a problem in Bree or Shire…but in Wildermore we have only few locations for snow. Come on… Then, we have Wildermore’s return value. Maximum some 200 TPs while price is almost 800. Not so profitable, unlike Moria (with tons of patience) or Evendim.

Legendary items do drop in Wildermore, noticed Beorning ones, but there are little demand for them, have to trash. However, Minstrel items are good to have: I level them only for LI xp. When I am in need – I will just use some runes and level up normal (lvl.95 and 100) weapons.

Things are stabilizing in Lotro. I have plenty of quests/deeds, yesterday logged off because there were too many. I gain xp, gain some Turbine points (though nowhere to spend them).

And so the day has ended, I felt satisfied. Things are returning to normal in Lotro.