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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Once again, Hytbold dailies, although Hytbold has been rebuilt and defended. Then I took some slayer deeds: monsters helped me advance a bit, yet too far from level 90.

Just why level 90? Because of new armour, in fact I may need level 91.

Yesterday I finally risked entering Wildermore. Did it very reluctantly, all these overpowered warbands do not help me feel better. First of all – finally, many red dots on map. Logically, I gain a bit more xp. Now I am a bit wiser and am trying to kill almost anything. Soloed one solo warband. Soloed “small fellowship” warband, all thanks to self-heals and AoE attacks of Minstrel. So far I do not bother with exploration – will do it later. Wildermore itself is an interesting region – but if we speak about ice, I do prefer Forochel.

Noticed new currency: Wildermore warband token. Will have to check what is it for.

Kinship was very busy with Big Battles. Almost everyone praises new loot, linking various top-level quality “essences” and status tomes. Looks like I am the only one with lvl.100 who refuses to participate. Some people run 5-6 Big Battles in a row. Side effect – my lvl.89 Minstrel could hardly find anything to do aside from Rohan/Wildermore questing or deeding.

One such opportunity – yesterday, Kinship organized Fornost run. I switched to blue trait tree, chose blue stance and, after asking kinnies, started to heal. One time was killed, maybe one time tried to resurrect. Got many skills that were unknown to me. Result – one kinnie told about “nice heals”. Which means only one logical outcome: I do need practice healing minstrel more. I am efficient at dps, now I must be efficient with healing.

NaktiesKarys managed to help one kinnie with lvl.55 Weathertop monsters. Easy shing-shing, we just rode through monsters and were victorious.

And so weekend has ended. I felt satisfied with Lotro. Maybe adventures are re-begining again.