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Crafting and crafting. Sandstone, lots of it – and then it turned out I was too much in a hurry. Plot owner has his own ideas when decoration should start and when should finish. Luckily, I won’t spoil things.

Which means I should return to marble which is not my favourite.

Lord of the rings online

Stormsong: did dailies, rebuilt Hytbold completely, then fought last battle for Hytbold, rode to Cliving to free some lame NPC. Asked kinnies to aid me with power-levelling. Yes, power-levelling is not good, but it is the only way to achieve lvl.90 or even 91.

Results were petty: I got some 326-1000 xp per kill. It would have taken too much time to reach lvl.91 (kill some 1500 enemies? in one day?).

Vytautaz and Dunedanmule were doing their own jobs: turning in task items and crafting.

The days are dull, I have too much stress at work, being pressed and being shouted at for almost no reason. Even virtual world does not bring satisfaction as it used to do. The days were…poor…in virtual and real worlds. Grumpyness is back.