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Unfortunately, was on maintenance. When game finally went live, went to my vault and helped to build one player’s plot. Sandstone keystones are almost finished. Sandstone construction blocks are yet to be done, lots of them. Slate stuff still needs many work.

I am gaining no xp from this – only satisfaction to aid someone. If only vault was a bit closer to these structures…yet I will do everything I can. This is one of the strongest Istaria’s points: you can help lots of players throughout the game and you can see result of your helping. Yesterday there was no building and today – look, it stands, new and shiny.

Lord of the rings online

Nothing inspiring. Hytbold dailies, finally – Kindred with another faction, need to work towards Kindred with another faction. Gathering hundreds of tokens and then will rebuild Hytbold. Reached level 89, need at least 2 levels and no idea where to grind some 3 million xp fast.

Meanwhile Kinship organizes Big Battles everyday, almost every moment. Players are telling loot quality in so-called “Big Battles” increased. Tomes of status, crystals etc are reported to drop. One kind payer offered me lvl.95 First age symbol (the most rare item in the game) – but I already have 3, enought to equip my Minstrel when/if she reaches that level.

Other toons did standard things: DunedanMule crafted, Vytautaz turned in task items.

And so the day has ended, I had some fun in Istaria and boring, mediocre day in Lotro. The more Lotro is “updated”, the more time I am spending in little Istarian community…