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Since the Update 15 I found myself spending more and more time in Istaria. Untill lvl.100 in Lotro there are things to do: before gondors start. So, my Istarian toon Nakties Karys went to check Guild friend’s plot. It is in icy lands of Trandalar and needs lots of sandstone & slate stuff. Which let me quickly teleport to Parsinia, run to Sandstone golems, kill them and harvest.

And then I should thank one player who built a plot and let some storage silos to be open for everyone, along with crafting facilities. I gathered lots of sandstone bricks, made sandstone construction blocks…and after 3 runs I had some 160 construction blocks + some 50 keystones. Of course, I will need about 300 more sandstone keystones. After that – slate work. And then….then I will help to build some structures,

Marble job awaits, there are many structures that needs marble. This means more Golem slaughter and harvesting. Despite this – Istaria offers some peacefull existence, not overburdened with too hard content. I am not too over-powered there, even as Cleric. Slotted weapons/armour works just superb, unlike Lotro. I can relax in Istaria, despite the lack of quality graphic, absence of new territories(something I was accustomed to in Lotro).

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Stormsong did Hytbold dailies, she is painfully far from lvl.91. ALmost two levels, >2 million xp and dailies do not give that much. Not sure how long would I struggle with this. Kinship is actice, yet activity is Big Battles, something I will never like, never understand. Vytautas turned in task items, DunedanMule crafted.

And so the day has ended. It was very good and relaxing in Istaria and mediocre in Lotro. In Lotro, I feel stuck. I would even go for power-levelling (untill lvl.91 only) to risk entering Wildermore, but could find none.