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I was on my favourite business: levelling and at the same time – helping others. Gathering hundreds of Marble keystones. Being killed few times by some evil Wolves. Storing everything in my vault. At the same time – switched to Cleric. In Istaria you just need to visit trainer, choose “I wish to rejoin…” and¬† – wellcome back. Level 100 Cleric with lvl.91 weapon was way much stronger than lvl.20 Spiritist.

And as a top-level Cleric, I just killed golems and harvested them. It is the best option, especially if one lures Golem near crafting facility.

Then, it was time for helping. I have finally found the plot in Brendon’s Shelf: lots of tier 6 storage silos, great need of Marble keystones and Construction blocks. Of course, only 2 blocks count as 1 when added. Gained xp this way – and am ready for more crafting. Things are getting better: my Guild friend has a plot that needs lots of low-level Mason job; I will, surely, help him. It is the best I could imagine: me helping structure to appear, me being usefull to others.

Lord of the rings online

As usually – Hytbold dailies, all xp is from these only. And as usually, Vytautaz turning in task items, DunedanMule crafting. Kinship running Deepening Wall or Pelagir every now and then.

StormSong helped one kinnie to level up (sometimes called “power-levelling”). We went to Midgewater marshes and I just range-nuked anything, from innocent Frog to not-so-innocent named monster. My kinnie was a Beorning, I could see him transforming into a bear and taking out enemies that were higher level than him. We just ran in circles and I really enjoyed it: see enemy, one-shoot it, run forwards. Soon, my kinnie was some lvl.16. Then we moved to Lonelands, killing some wargs, goblins in our way. I had to log off, next time we met in North Downs. This time I was not with my favourite Minstrel, but with Champion. No nukes, but great big shing-shing. We went through hordes of monsters, killing even one that did not give xp to kinnie. But monster had to be killed should kinnie want to pass. Then game lagged: typical lag, my toon stands, world is rotating and restores only after I restart Lotro. I also had some real-life job to do, so had to log off.

I enjoy this type of activity, even if it is power-levelling and that person may miss half of content. I enjoy being usefull, being able to go through hordes of enemies.

At the same time I am running out of activity in Lotro. Log in, do Hytbold tasks, turn in task items, ask if anything, except Gondor, Big Battles or tier 2 instances is going on, log off Lotro and start crafting help in Istaria. I do need to become at least level 90 as soon as possible to enter Wildermore, but this is not gonna happen soon.

And so the weekend has ended, days has been in Istaria and Lotro.