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NaktiesKarys (my only toon there) logged in. Our Guild (Universal warriors) still active, I needed to have answers to many questions. Loyalty tokens are for paying players only. Pets are not awarded, maybe at next festival.

Started to level up my Mason. Moved to Marble fields, guarded by highly unfriendly long range Marble golems. They were able to spot me from some 40 meters, so my little lvl.20 Spiritist had to take care. Then – runs: gather marble slates, fill cargo disk and inventory, make marble bricks, fill cargo disk; then make whatever is the best (construction blocks and keystones), run to the vault to deposit…and start anew. Crafting was very fast. Gathering was problematic, but still doable if one is to calculate Golem moves. I am planning to aid one land plot. It requires some 3000 blocks and keystones, so I have plenty of job to do. It will also give me valuable experience.

Conclusion: the more updates to Lotro, the more temptation to go to Istaria…

Lord of the rings online

Game was offline for a little time. It was back to normal state some 2 hours earlier: kudos, Turbine!

We now have Central Gondor at a price of 795 Turbine points. We have Beorning class for some 1000 Turbine points and bundle “beorning+character slot” for some 1300 Turbine points.  Main good/bad point for me: all Hytbold rebuild actions cost 1 token. I have also received new quest to explore central gondor: accepted and removed from tracker. I do not need this quest or any quest in any gondor.

Big Battles are (not surprised) – bugged. There are lots of reports in the forum and even developers published huge list of oficially existing problems, from problems with Macinstosh to bugged side quests in Big battles. Lots of problems with Beornings too. Turbine rushed too early to release new content.

As I thought, almost everyone in the Kin rushed for new content. I was left alone, did all 5 Hytbold dailies and rebuilt all I could. Now my favourite town looks nice. After I get Kindred with remaining 2 factions – I will rebuild it completely and gain my proud title “Thane of Hytbold”.

We once again had discussion about Gondor and slotted armour.  Kinnies claim Gondor was easy, but Dol Amroth training mission was easy for them and very hard for me. It became clear I was mistaken about DA class armour. I have always believed I saw class slotted armour with huge bonuses at Minstrel trainer. And this class (confirmed) is locked behind “do all quests at DA”. Yesterday people linked Minstrel class armour from DA: good one, but not slotted.

I was mistaken and half of my logic arguments were invalid ones. However, it does not change my mind about gondors. They are hard (according to mmorpg.com), extremely grindy and grind is pure RNG. Dream for sado-maso fans? Maybe. My kinnies tell me to do stuff I enjoy: that’s precisely why I won’t be going to any gondor.

Now I have very little things to do in Lotro. Log in, take Hobbitses rewards, do Hytbold dailies, repair things; log in Vytautaz, turn in task items; log in DunedanMule, craft tailor stuff. That’s all I can do – as I noted, the more inspiration to log to Istaria.

And so the day has ended. I felt a bit alone, yet needed (at least in Istaria). Update 15 is kind of…failure and one of my basic argument versus slotted armour was a failure too.

*feels uninspired*