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Lord of the rings online

The day was a bit long, yet I managed to do little. Naktieskarys did nothing, DunedanMule crafted, Vytautaz turned in another part of task items.

StormSong was asking for Moria instances, but surprisingly there was little activity. Then asked for Carn Dum exploration – once again negative, because for kinnies it was on cool down. I did Hytbold quests and managed to ride a premium prestige mount that is very rarely seen in Middle Earth.

A Hobby-horse. You know, that wooden likeness of a horse. With this…wooden shame my brave toon had to ride throughout the Harwick. Nevertherless, Hytbold tokens are increasing in numbers.

Made one Vile Maw run, trying to act as a healer, which was not a big success. Died once (shame for healer). Kinnies advice to experiment, which is something I really hate. I like linear approach: your class is melee AoE, hence all your skills would be melee AoE and no ranged/heals; your class is ranged, hence all your skills would be ranged and no melee/heals. Experimenting means losing time and I don’t want to waste it. Folks are right, when they say I should (at least) try to master my class, like “healing is on Blue trait tree”. I switched, got tons of new skills and wasn’t sure what do they do. Maybe will try next time. Also got into arguing about lvl.95 LIs. I do want to have lvl.95 first age weapon over lvl.100 second age weapon (keeping in mind that lvl.100 first agers are extremely hard to get and very expensive to buy). After all, how much longer could I run with lvl.70 legendary book?

On the free time – finished Giant slayer in Misty mountains, got Zeal +1 (so now I am at Zeal 19). Few more  (very grindy) runs + reaching lvl.90 – and I am ready for Wildermore, a region I do not like much. It’s too snowy, it has overpowered warbands and evil Survivors of Wildermore dailies.

And so the day has ended. I felt mostly satisfied. The day has been good in Lotro.