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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. She did Hytbold dailies – still one more quest lacking before I am kindred with Sutcrofts. 2 quests in Snowbourn, 2 in Cliving, 1 in Harwick. 75 Hytbols tokens: not so bad, just some 75 more to earn.

Forgot to mention: bought Tome of Will-1 and 2. Tome of WIll-3 I already had, so my little Minstrel is now a bit more powerfull. Stormsong reached lvl.88 – only 2 lelvels to go before I could use new shiny armour. And then – wellcome, Wildermore.

Asked for Grand Stairs/Forge runs, but this time Moria fans were exploring, not killing. As always – Kinship active in Big Battles.

Overall things are going good. Few more runs to max virtues and I am ready for snowy fields of Wildermore.