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Lord of the rings online

It was almost a day-off. Since I am to be kicked November 28 – I have one day to look for job. Took one, got no results, returned home to play Lotro.

NaktiesKarys tried to make one relic for Legendary item: Stormsong needed. I made…and item was bound on acquire. Had to trash it. My hurry, always makes me be in trouble.

Meanwhile Stormsong did Hytbold dailies. Had nothing to do – rebuild one Hytbold district. Now, it is fully operational: flags waving, Rohirrim living in tents and houses, farms full of crops…and I left with 25 tokens instead of 200. Looks like I have much job to do before Hytbold is rebuilt.

We did few runs in Moria’s instances. The Forge, where we farmed trolls: me and lvl.50s Guardian. I enjoyed my dps Minstrel, sometimes had to heal my own ally and cast temporaly protective shield (some 1000 morale). Spamming these things is good, I think. At my request we stayed for a long time and killed trolls, just to finish “Troll slayer in Moria (advanced)” deed. Later we ran Grand Stairs…and it turned out I had never been there on this toon. Deeds appeared one after another, some were quickly finished, some are yet to be done. I relaly enjoyed these runs. we were little, but very effective group. My own dps, maybe first time I believed I was really usefull – when attacking enemies from a distance, stunning them or just making then more vulnerable. Loot, as always, was not or primary interest, except Legendary item runes: these are needed.

If this was not enough – one kinnie was a (non-secret) Santa Claus. He just made me a full set of lvl.90 armour and lvl.90 Jewellery. We discussed Hytbold and lvl.90 armour a bit. I was excited…and at the same time felt a bit uneasy. Kinship is very, very kind for me and I wish I could repay someone somehow. Craft something or gather half ton of materials or do something else. This is what I have always been telling lower lvl. people in online games: when you are big and strong, remember to help lower ones. Perhabs I will talk about this today. The fact: if I can do anything to lower level kinnie, I will do.

And so the day has ended, I was happy and satisfied. The day was just perfect in Lotro.