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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz left to Aughairre (Angmar) to turn in “broken great swords”. It turned out these broken swords give only ~260 xp per one turn. I’m losing xp, but it does not hurt: I will level up Vytautaz with task items, those will never end…

Stormsong was the only active. Did Hytbold quests, I really like them, it is the best thought grind Turbine ever had. Realistic, rewarding, granting title you could not obtain too easily. And then I asked for Moria quests. Soon there was a group of minstrels, one lvl.57 player and few level 100. Our screaming group started with Dark Delvings, then SKumfil. Everything went almost good. I switched to green Minstrel so that could be able to heal our lvl.57. Tried to spam heals wherever I could and it wasn’t easy. I am not accustomed to play healer – I’m more into dps Minstrel. Was killed several times, one time retreated, one -was resurrected. Unfortunately, our lvl.57 kinnie died few times and I partially blame it on myself. With 3 high lvl Minstrels no one in the group should die. Conclusion: need to train to be a healer. Meanwhile, things were going great, I am very close to finishing Nameless slayer (advanced). One more run and my virtues are increased one more time.

Kinship is somehow enthusiastic about Moria runs. To my surprise, I can always find someone to group with, be it Forge or Skumfil. Rewards – as long as they are not LI experience runes, I am not interested in. Virtues is what I am interested in. To max them all and when there is no way to increase  I am lvl.89 – move to WIldermore.

Hytbold looks promising too. I need some 3 more days to get Kindred with Sutcrofts. Then, will rebuild entire district.

And so the day has ended. It has been very good in Lotro, life is nice once again.