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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only really active this weekend. NaktiesKarys logged in to craft weapon for kinnie, Vytautaz turned in task items.

Main even was – our Kinship had some secret Santa Claus. A person (nick looks to be deleted) send in-game mails. Simple mail with text I have won in some lottery – and lvl.100 First age symbol attached. I thought I was the only one, while at least one other Kinship member reported same mail. No one knew for sure who this kind person was. Anyway, big thanks to that person for being so kind!

Stormsong did Hytbold dailies and is really enjoying them. Used 50 out of 250 tokens to rebuild Sutcrofts district. Result: all tasks from Ally NPC finished and I need at least 3 days to achieve Kindred (and well, finish rebuilding this district). I enjoy this rebuilding and could even spent entire month in doing dailies.

Kinship was, as always, active in Big Battles and we had some…heated talks about game, its mechanic and alike. One kinnie left very soon after joining – looks like he just made a hastefull decision. A pity. I still fear to enter Wildermore: need to max my “virtues” before I risk entering these snow lands.

My Kin helped with Moria instances. Never thought there would be such enthusiasm: I thought these old instances with non-existent rewards are a history. Well, they weren’t. Our group was very good, we swept any opposition (having 3 high lvl minstrels it wasn’t overly hard). When it was needed for me – group was very kind to re-run same instance twice. Result: I have increased 2 “virtues” and would need a bit more of Moria instance runs.

Then, I am ready for Wildermore. My own level is a bit too low (87), but Hytbold will help me in growing, as well as Task items.

And so weekend has ended. Life was very good in Lotro.