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Lord of the rings online

Lotro was offline for most of yesterday.  “Getting in line to connect”, then nothing happens; “COnnection succesfull”, then nothing happens. Fortunately, developers paid attention and repaired things. I was able to play Lotro.

Once again, Angmar. Teamed with a kinnie – he is a superb Champion, smashing any opposition: just let him to get close. I saw how shing-shing actually looks like. Forgot to ask which trait line he is on (somehow suspect red). Was able to heal him in some…problematic…situations. Named monster was finally found, many enemies were killed, one quest was completed. I was really impressed with lvl.100 Champion. A pity, my Champ is not even at 10% good as his. And will never be, all thanks to one nonsense called “essence & essence armour”.

I deleted remaining quests in Angmar and am not taking new ones (except Epic line). Now must focus on three remaining deeds: Orc, Warg, Wigh slayer. They mean some “virtues” upgraded and Turbine points earned.

Fall festival is there, yet I doubt whether to send my Vytautaz or not. Festival does not offer anything new, anything interesting. Essence reclamation scrolls are of same use to me as Dale men creams: I am not using them, I will not use them.

And so the day has ended. I am 2 levels to go and some virtues to be upgraded before I risk to enter overpowered Wildermore.  Life was good in Lotro.