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Lord of the rings online

The Fall festival is there and the question should I send the only free toon there to gain xp.  Other than that – StormSong was the only active. Once again Angmar. Doing slayer deeds as I go, finishing quest deeds. One time ran into serious problem: one monster that required raid to kill them. Went solo. Lucky met one lvl.100 kinnie and together we managed to finish monster that had ~187.000 health. A tough fight, several times I was on the verge of defeat. Yet- victory. I still have many quests to do, many Orcs, Angmarims, Wargs and Wighs to slay. Several times died while questing: all thanks to “examine poisoned water” quest. Found 3/4 accesible water spots, rest are in area I could not enter.

In grumpy Angmar I reached lvl.87, invested trait point into vitality and now will be thinking about further trait points investment. Somehow I incline towards blue line.

Kinship, as always, organizes Big Battles as soon as we have at least minimum amount of kinnies. I (as usually) do not take part. Big Battles are way too complex and I seem to be lost there. I like static battles: horde of enemies come, deal with them; boss comes – deal with him. Overcomplex nature, when you have to defend horses, then run at top speed to the wall, protect NPC, then suddenly go and destroy some Sappers – is not for me. I am not usefull in Big Battles. The only headache is that I would be forced to do them on StormSong. Kinship is very active in trying to invite me BBs, yet I do not feel I will be usefull there.

I am satisfied in questin in Angmar. I am strong enough to solo most of content. My questing supplies Vytautaz with many task items (free xp…). And I even could help ohers should I meet them. What happens after Angmar? Well, I will return to Hytbold, reach kindred with at least one faction, reach some lvl.89 and then risk to enter hard content of Wildermore. Of course, Nurzum is for lvl.100 only, but I may be lucky to avoid it untill lvl.100.

The only bitter feeling is lvl.100 end game content. If first impressions by other players are correct – it is region that has everything unsuitable by me, everything I dislike. Therefore Turbine just “bans” me from that content. At level 100 on any toon I would have nothing to do. Dol Amroth dailies have no sense, essence does not drop from lvl.100 enemies, final quest to kill Nazgul may be done with help of tens of tanks and healers only.

And so the day has ended. I felt mostly satisfied in Lotro.