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Lord of the rings online

Had very, very little time to play: possibly 1-1,5 hour. It was evening, 22:00, so not too much time to wonder.

Stormsong went to do Urugarth. Once again, my favourite part: come to crabans, gather them all, then use all AoE attacks and hurray – some 30 birds dead, deed advancing. Later -trolls, orcs and other “curses of Angmar”. Troll slayer deed is progressing faster than all others.

I will need three lvl.95 First age symbols (sword, book, bridle) – yet could not find them in Auction house. Symbols are extremely rare there. Only one lvl.100 symbol and some 3 second agers. That’s all. No matter how much money you have -you won’t purchase lvl.95 first age symbol on auction. Something developers should think about.

Wrote a long realistic post about update 15. Contrary to some posters, I do not see world through pink or black glasses. Update 15 won’t bring any bad things (I want to hope so…). Update 15 won’t bring any real good things. Beorning class aside, update brings extremely limited BB currency plus lots of grind. Nothing impressive. Strange thing, I was not trolled because of my opinion.

And so the day has ended, some grey day in Lotro.