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Lord of the rings online

Real life – hard part once again; sometimes people may be overly harsh, tyring to ignite conflict where there should be none.

Meanwhile in Lotro. NaktiesKarys was persuaded to join Fornost: entered when fight was mostly over. Did some shing-shing, looted some LI experience runes and returned to Bree.

StormSong did Hytbold dailies: these are 1000 times better than infamous Dol Amroth. A true relaxation and I do not depend upon RNG too much. So far – gathering tokens and farming reputation. One day I will reach Kindred with all factions and then will rebuild Hytbold. After Hytbold – took part in Filikul (our Kinship is active in organizing raids) to learn how to be a healer. Well, group was too strong and I could do little healing – I should go for some other instance where real heals are needed. And then  – traditional Carn Dum and Urugarth instances. Doing deeds step by step. Increasing my reputation with Council of the North, getting a bit closer to Kindred.

Vytautaz just turned in task items. StormSong loots plenty of them, so my almost abandonded Champion just runs from task board to NPC and farms free experience.

In Kinship chat we talked about Update 15 a bit. They introduce Big Failures Battles currency instead of random drops. Gather enough, barter for things. So far, only jewellery. Lotro wiki announces new epic quests, some (of course) – forced fellowships. I also discussed lvl.100 First age symbols. Today they are at some 1000 gold. Kinship thinks price is ridiculous, “for the lazy”, I do disagree. There is no way for player to get First age symbol. No quest or deed gives it. Big Battles may drop it, and may not drop it. I can’t remember being succesfull in raids with these symbols and I have done them. The only wise move for developers should be – make FA symbols barteable for BB tokens. Kinship tells I do not go into BB or Gondor raids, but my Champion would be almost useless there. Plus – I always lose fight versus RNG. Why be useless and frustrate?

Overall, I am satisfied with my situation, at least with Stormsong. I am doing double deeds (sometimes Urugarth/Carn Dum deeds count as Moria/Angmar ones). I am increasing my “virtues” and making myself ready for Wildermore.

And so the day has ended: a bit hard in real life and kind of good in Lotro.