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Logged in to update the game. Loyalty tokens announced. Dailies announced. Got a quest form one pretty lady in Bristugo…and had to pay 6 Loyalty tokens. Wait a moment, where are they? Nowhere to be found. Chats dead, no answer…quest cancelled, logged off.

Lord of the rings online

Yay, a happy two year blogging, almost day after day, mostly Lotro. And it looked like I started blogging just recently…

Meanwhile in Lotro: Stormsong took some quests, finished two deeds (kill mounted enemies and Wilds of Rohan)…and thought what to do. Entered Carn Dum and Urugarth, completed some deeds there. Some grindy are yet to be finished (like Beasts of Urugarth), yet I am fortunate troll slayer in these 2 instances counts as troll slayer in Angmar too. Double profit, so to say. Of course, was killed few times.

Was more than happy to help kinnies. One time – Lumul Nar, hall of mirrors. We made almost perfect company: lvl.50s Guardian and lvl.86 Minstrel. My DPS were good, AoE attacks too. I felty quite satisfied: almost all battles I could solo. All but the last, we had to call for reinforcements. Lvl.100 Minstrel came to heal, we won and left happy. After that just stood, knowing not what to do. I have enough quests and deeds. Main task is to max all the virtues before I enter Wildermore…and this is where I am stuck.

NaktiesKarys was happy to help kinnie in Barrows. Killing 300 enemies is time consuming, so we had a good party: most lvl.100 players, running around and killing anything. It was great fun, I even managed to loot valuable reputation items for my TP grinding alt. And then there was silence.

I have left Dol Amroth after I knew (folks told in chat) that DA class armour is gated behind completion of all dailies. At least 2,5 months of senseless grind. I probably could grind (some 3 weeks) for heavy slotted armour…but once again, see almost no point. Hytbold was easier – you got only 1 type of tokens, you got extra tokens for all dailie completion; Hytbold was more satisfying – you were rebuilder, you could see how town is being resurrected from ashes.

Which left me in some…sad mood. Not grumpy one, just sad. Being lost. Lots of places to go and nothing to do. Same boring DA dailies day after day, easy quest after east quest? Sorry, takes too long. Farm essences? I have no use for them, even for in-game gold. Even news about Update15 did not make me happier – I noticed I did not want to hear positive news. Looks like sith-made RNG is being kicked from Big Battles. Rumour is, we would get tokens and once enough tokens is collected – feel free to barter. BB are supposed to have offensive battle. Yet I am afraid we would receive new, more senseless grind. We have slotted armour to grind for months; we have “essences” that does not drop for me…now what grind awaits us?

I must do something. Find a place I could have some action, as long as this place is not Big Battles or Gondor.

And so the day has ended. Weekend was…almost positive in Lotro.