Lord of the rings online

Time to play was minimal one. Played a bit, killed some half-orcs, reached Kindred with Algraig and finally purchased “return to Enedwaith” skill. Half-orcs are to be farmed, as well as Giants and Gwibers.

DunedanMule was crafting, other toons rested.

Lotro forums make me feel desperatic. A lerast (that’s for those who are lucky) 2,5 months to complete DA deeds and barter for class armour! All this sounds like impossible. Grinding for golden token is already almost a month. Grinding for other tokensm, using them for reputation and barter…too many troubles for almost nothing. “Essence” drop rate equals to zero, situation seems just hopeless.

I feel like someone who is watching some festival from a distance. There are lights, joy, people are dancing and having fun…all but me, I am not invited, lucky number generator did not choose me. Never had. Others in forum boost they have 300 top-level “essences” while I have 1 (and once was auto-deleted from pending loot). Situation looks almost hopeless: I do dailies, but it seems like “purchase all oil in the Earth when your loot is 30 US cents a day”.

Nevertherless, my StormSong would avoid Gondor, maybe even do not step there, thus saving nerves and huge repair costs. She would reach level 100 and then, along with all other toons, will wait untill safe heaven – level 110. Only then could my Naktieskarys and Stormsong enter Gondor.

Thus the day has ended. Very good in real life, a bit grumpy in Lotro.