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Lord of the rings online

Real life interfered once again. Had few minutes to craft on DunedanMule; she’s preserving tons of hides to make use of craft xp accelerator one nice day. In the evening (some 22:00) had an hour to play.

NaktiesKarys found nothing to do. StormSong quested in Enedwaith, doing same and same quests, killing same half-orcs and wargs, scouting already scouted camps and killing Dunlendings. I am some 10,000 (?) points away from Kindred with Algraig. Then – purchase return to…skill and move to other regions. StormSong has lots of things to do, stuff to kill and “virtues” to be increased.

Kinship was organizing Helegrod run, Spider wing: I could not take part, since Helegrod is time consuming.

Today would have too little time to play (again). Hope tomorrow situation would be better. I am enjoying my Minstrel, I am returning to instances and one day I will spam Kinship with two things: bring me to instance to loot lvl.95 First Age symbols and farm lvl.100 essences.

And so, the day has ended, I felt a bit tired, but satisfied. Day has been good in Lotro once again.