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Lord of the rings online

Real life intervened once again, once again hard talks with my ex with my left in a bit grumpy mood. Sometimes things that begins as fairytale ends as a nightmare.

Meanwhile in Lotro: NaktiesKarys logged in and asked about Kinship activity. Initially there were thoughts to organize Big Battles and I told I am not into it. Big Battles for me are a Big Failures. They are very hard to navigate and hard to complete. A moment later we were organizing normal instance. Fellowship leader asked if stratregy should be explained. I told – as long as I am allowed to AoE, no need. And so we began, killing, making AoE and finally looting. It was a good experience, I received both lvl.100 task items and LI experience runes.Noticed one good Bauble…and kinnie won it. I was lucky, because he asked if anyone needed and I really needed it: lvl.100 is better than lvl.95. I also ran Bank liberation from Dol Amroth training exercise.

StormSong logged in at the very end of the day, to do dailies in Enedwaith. Almost 200 half-orcs need to be killed. I combine this with dailies to kill 12 half orcs and loot equipment from their bosses. After that, two most grindy deeds will remain: Gwiberith and Giant slayer. But I will try to do both of them and then check if I can increase my equipped “virtues”.

And so the day has ended. I am returning to instances once again, though hardly for a loot. Maybe for LI runes, maybe for a simple fact of forgetting troubles. Overall, my Minstrel is close to entering Wildermore (and escape as soon as possible), my Champion is once again in instances – so, the day has been good in Lotro.