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Lord of the rings online

Real life: girfriend moved away from me, we spent almost all Saturday relocating things and saying shy “good bye”. Felt really grumpy, first time in Lotro’s history.

Therefore – NaktiesKarys had to ask Kinship for some easy instances, so that my AoE (shing-shing) would be effective and I could survive. Soon there was a set of runs in Great Barrow…of course, at level 100. We had a superb group, my champion as always did not perform well (once we were forbidden to use AoE…), but we were victorious. To make things better, I looted valuable Legendary item xp runes and also lvl.100 Champion armour pieces. Kinship helped me at least to try to forgot real life problems – both with kind words and with action.

I am still trying understand the way Dol Amroth dailies work…and hope one day would hear what essences I may need. As I told to Kinship – then I would ask to bring me to farm essences. And lvl.100 First age symbols, at least 3: for weapon, rune and briddle.

StormSong logged to receive sent runes of LI experience…and kill Wood trolls and Limfavrns in Enedwaith. I ran in circles, killing stuff and finally managed to finish these quests. Then – for some dailies to reach Kindred with Algraig and Grey company. In one chest I have found lvl.65 Light Nadhin shoulders, slotted armour piece. Following the advice of the Kin – put into Kin auction, along with all lvl.60 essences I had. If someone buys – ok, if not – will trash.

I am employing a new tactic: before entering Wildermore – max all equipped “virtues”. Then, I would be ready for that not-so-friendly region with too hard bosses. Let us see if this tactic will work.

Also had talks about my former kinships. They are still remembered as one of the best on WIthywindle, but looks to have some problems. A pity.

And so the days have ended. Life in Lotro was quite good.