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Lord of the rings online

StormSong was inactive: logged in to take Hobbit present and logged off. She needs lots of killing, like 200 dunlendings, 200 wolves, tons of limfavrns and tree trolls… DunedanMule was crafting and she will craft untill las hide, maybe even untill lvl.100…

NaktiesKarys had very little time to play. Logged in at evening, did – as our Kinship leader reccomended – Armoury dailies at Dol Amroth. I had to travel to Corsair island and kill some stuff. First try was not succesfull: got too much aggro and was killed. Second time I took more carefull approach and the day was saved, I got 4 lootboxes with random tokens. Perhabs, when I accumulate enough of them, I will grow up my reputation: now, it just does not make sense.

Dailies were not hard. Some Dol Amroth dailies are doable, in spite of town being a total mess of swans, unfinished staircases (there should be a very high rate of deadly falls in DA) and overall town that reminds maze. I think I will never like this town and this region. I need it not for fun (there is almost none) – just to grind for golden tokens to purchase slotted armour; then to farm essences. After that Gondor would be no more interesting for me.

Some changes are coming to my life – after some year I would be living solo, the way I quest in Middle Earth. More time for game, less time for personal life.

And so the day has ended, I felt satisfied with the dailies. Life was good in Lotro.