Lord of the rings online

Weekend was full of thoughts, volunteering, meeting old friends, walking in a beautifull Lithuanian fields, watching hillforts, rivers flowing, birds singing.

Experience in Lotro was interesting one. Stormsong was too lazy to hunt every single enemy in Rohan. And she was very reluctant to go to Wildermore: that evil Rottenheart who could destroy entire fellowship? No, thanks. Went to Enedwaith to do some quests and get kindred with local factions. Then went to Dunland to finish slayer deeds there. Hurray, yesterday they were finished. Wasn’t it boring? Yes, a bit, but still it is xp and it is  free Turbine points. I would continue to work on my “virtues”, to have then as best as I could before I enter Wildermore.

NaktiesKarys was almost forced to log in. Our Kin leader just kept me pressing to try Dol Amroth. All Kin knows my approach: if it is Big Battles or Gondor, I am not in. Yet one day he just gave a bunch of tokens to try Training exercise, Library faction.

It turned out that somehow I was wrong. Library training is almost designed for AoE classes. Enemies comes in nice groups, you can deal with one group, maybe even with two (did not try). Bosses and looters are a bit bigger, but still doable (solo, do not try to group 3 looters). I just went, killing and killing, untill I had to disable some traps and spent all time looking for them. Instance was finished, I could sit and calculate profit.

Profit 1: task items. Turn in, get item xp;
Profit 2: sellable things. Sell, get gold;
Profit 3: DA golden tokens. Only 3 out of some 80 required…but still 3 is better than zero.

Yesterday I spent some time tryign to wiki daily tasks in DA, but got too little usefull info. Bank faction sents player to almost pure suicide – Tamlang Crown. Dock faction – to fish and deal with turtles (fishing already described in forums as too much unlucky). Another factions set goald even wiki was not able to give details about.

Once again, I felt a bit lost.  DA turned out to be not good, but not completely evil, though I was unable to research which quests were easy, which were hard.

From the brightier side – teamed up as StormSong with Tsuhelm in Carn Dum. Had one more Loremaster in our group. Things were going just bright untill the last boss, Mordirith. It was a bit hard time for me – I had to survive; to do so, I had to be in red stance; being in  red stance I was unable to heal others. Result: Mordirith dead, Tsuhelm somehow (just how?) killed at the very end.

And so the day has ended. I quested, gained xp, Turbine points – life was good in Lotro.