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Lord of the rings online

Today I should be given a firing notice. As I joke – a kick to Jennifer Lopez’s best body part. 2 month to look for a job, if I don’t make it – 2 month’s to live by money given by the state.

Meanwhile yesterday Stormsong killed last Orc and Beast for advanced slayer deed in Great River, moved to Harwick and turned in task items. Legendary items advancing is going really slow. But at this time I have two choices and I like neither:

  1. do all slayer deeds in Rohan. Then I could reach…lvl.90? Do Hytbold quests or
  2. abandon all Rohan slayer quests and move to WIldermore where neariest Warband will slaughter me

I do not like to over-advance (though would really like to skip Wildermore and Ents). And I do not enjoy being killed by overpowered WIldermore warbands. However, I do need legendary item xp.

NaktiesKarys logged in to have some action and found none. Kinship was organizing runs, yet I felt I was trapped in my own mind. I do not go to any Big Battle and Gondor. Big Battles are too complicated, Gondor is a “no-no”, I will two-shotted there. Tier 2 or even Tier 3 instances are too hard, I am of no use there, I die too often there (or am forced to stand aside pressing random buttons). In short, there was no activity for me, though Kinship organized activity.

People kept talking about Dol Amroth. Thousands of tokens they gathered. Cool armour with superb essences they got. I can but look at this, understanding I will never get such armour and essences. I killed enough enemies in Gondor, only to find no armour. I have some 7 “essences” that just takes place and could only be usefull for my Minstrel. And I would never barter armour, because it takes some 3 months to do extremely hard DA dailies. So far first quest in Lotro’s quest chains was easiest: go and scout area. Oops, Orcs nearby, report to NPC. Lame NPC scared: plz plz plz, go and kill some Orcz (and you receive fellowship quest). That always was in Lotro quests. Hence – if the very first, training mission is extremely hard, it is not hard to foresee next ones.  Therefore, I will never barter good lvl.100 slotted armour.

I feel trapped in Lotro. Situation, where I cannot move right, because it is too complicated and cannot move left, because I will be two-shotted, I cannot go back and cannot go forward…and yet I have to find way out, if there is a way out.

And so the day has ended. Life was mediocre in Lotro: little inspiration, little activities, too many closed exits and no way out.