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Lord of the rings online

Really grumpy news from real world. Yesterday I was stopped by one person and told that September 26 I would be invited to talk to my chief boss: I am fired from my work. There has been no complaints about me, I got no infractions…yet obviously was not in the court of His Majesty. A kick in part of body Jennifer Lopez is most famous for. Little mood to play, but this would last for some 4 months: 2 untill kicking and 2 – looking for job.

Meanwhile Naktieskarys and DunedanMule crafted legendary items for Stormsong. So, my little Minstrel is now equipped with lvl.85 first age briddle and sword. Our Kin leader made a superb shield. Now I have to barter lvl.85 symbol and ask for songbook. Had to deconstruct some legendary items for xp and space.

And StormSong, my favourite toon, went to Eves of Fangorn and finished exploration deed. Then rode to Brown lands, quickly finishing local Brigand slayer deed (advanced), then started to do dailies – need to kill some 200 Easterlings. Yes, I gain no xp for that, but I get task items + loot for sale + LI runes. And I do not want to rush my toon. I will have enough time to grow up doing quests in Wildermore, including some evil ones (Survivors of Wildermore…evil faction).

My Minstrel is adequately equipped and ready for battles. Despite ugly real life – life in Lotro, in green fields of Rohan and Great River was just good.