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Lord of the rings online

StormSong was the only active. I did quests – every single of them, rushing to reach level 85. Turned in all 10 task items, then rushed to kill Orcs, Goblins, gather crops and logs, rally Rohirrims to the barricades, send some distracting gift to Theoden King. Finally, quests guided me to Fangorn forest.

Yes, I almost knew it all, what it would be like. Yet I enjoyed, except one sad part. One old Ent had a little bird. Bird had a nest and old Ent enjoyed bird’s company. Now, the bird is gone…killed by poisonous filth. I felt a pity for a little bird and old Ent. Witnessed one soldier who ran from battle (“I…I am not a soldier!”), got sick (bad idea to eat unedible fruits!), but finally returned.

I really enjoy Rohan. There may be some harder things, like forced fellowship warbands, yet the region is nice, shiny and awesome. There are stories and there is a shadow of Grima, a shadow of the coming storm.

Meanwhile, questing and killing, doing deeds – managed to reach magic level 85. Redirection to Hytbold…and ability to wear Hytbold Skald armour. That’s the best thing game has. You come, you grind, you barter a set of quality armour. No other armour sets offer this. Kinship tells me few levels later I will outgrow Hytbold: maybe, if I find some better armour (which I doubt: unless lvl.95 one).

My NaktiesKarys stopped going to instances with the Kinship. I simply do not believe I am of any use there with my yellow (AoE: shing-shing) champion. And I have little wish to re-learn, i.e. switch to red line (no shing-shing). All my play time I was AoE Champion, rushing into horde of enemies and making shing-shings. Rethink all philosophy? Probably no.

However, with level 85 easy life ends. Monsters would be meaner and I won’t get first age symbols (extremely rare drop, judging from Auction house). I won’t use slotted armour, because of: a) no armour to loot; b) no quality essences to get. It’s like – if you want burger, you need Burger Eater’s Coupon; to get Burger Eater’s Coupon you need to eat burgers.

These thoughts aside, day was very succesfull, I was happy and ready to advance further only to stop at Gondor’s border. Life was very good in Lotro.