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Lord of the rings online

It appears, we had an update. Some stuff that does not concern me- yet one very positive change. Level 65, 75 and 85 first age symbols can now be bought at Skirmish camps! I paid some 660 marks for each and they are NOT gated behind tier2 hard instances. At last developers listened to players.

StormSong quested in Rohan, doing every quest and racing to level 85. I already have Hytbold Skald armour, so have to test it. Meanwhile took quests in my favourite region – Rohan. There are lots of them, enough for every taste. Due to “wellcome back” event, I have +30% experience gained and am already at lvl.83. Only two levels – some 2 million xp points- to lvl.85.

And I am satisfied with Rohan. It’s probably the best region so far. Green, inviting, with stories and thrills – I want to stay there, not go for lame Fangorn or forced-raiding Gondor (worst region ever).

Having problems with my champion too. He is such a thin glass target, not a serious combatant. I do feel worthless in any raid, in any combat that deals with >lvl.95 enemies. My “champion” dies too many times in a row, does too little damage and is just for spectacular shing-shing, not for any use in combat. Some kinnies are saying I am usefull, but this may be pure compliment. I do not see problems that my Minstrel sometimes is weak: she still uses lvl.65 equipment (but soon will get lvl.85 first agers). But I do see problems with my champion, he is adequately equipped and still lame in combat. Besides, being killed tens of times in a row does not help to gain self-confidence. Result – I am avoiding instances since I would be the first to be killed.

Grumpy mood about instances aside, questing was going good. I am taking use of task items, levelling and deconstructing legendary items and preparing myself for Hytbold runs.

And so the day has ended and it was good in Lotro.