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Lord of the rings online

My trip to real-world Paris went just superb. Lots of positive impressions, over 1000 photos taken. Atmosphere of Paris is amazing and captivating. Very nice people of all nations and continents. Beautifull architecture, including buildings of my favourite Gothic style. managed to visit all museums I planned, except Museum of the Order of the National Honour. Enjoyed really good 3* hotel, even breakfast was not typical “croissant-jam-coffee’, but a large selection of food. We had good group, good guides. Overall, mission:success. Paris, city of lights was really teally good.

Returned home yesterday, 19th September at some 12:40. Took some rest (had to leave to airport at 5:30). Then – Lotro.

Good news: we have a 30% discount a la carte. Stormsong purchased legendary¬† weapon slot, shared storage, shared wardrobe, milestone II skill (some 1800 Tps spent). Now my Minstrel would be able to be a better Minstrel. Also, we have “wellcome back weekend”, so -additional xp. Did some quests with one Rohirrim shield-maiden and voila – level 80.

Then came Kinship instance time, I joined Fires of Fornost, tier2 and my champion got killed…don’t know, maybe 10 times at least. The time was late and our group was just wiped several times. I had to leave…so after yet another defeat I left.

There are some news about future updates in the forum, but I am really afraid to look at them. More forced fellowship extremely hard content like Gondor? More forced raids like Gondor? No, thanks, better no updates than Gondor.

There are still no first age symbols for lvl.75 or 85 weapons. Wonder how long my Minstrel would be fighting with her outdated equipment…

And so the day has ended and it has been mostly…positive in Lotro.