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Lord of the rings online

Spent most of the day in Lotro. Real life was considered since today at 13:00 Lithuanian time I am leaving to Paris. Almost a week of trip, hope to enjoy it.

Meanwhile in Lotro: Stormsong, the only active, quested in beautifull Rohan. I feel very good in these green lands. Questing sometimes was hard, my under-equipped toon died many times. But, as intro to “Dune 2000” told – We have seen you die many times. We have also seen you rise to command vast armies, bringing peace to Arrakis. While we have only vast armies of lame NPCs (“dear hero, plz plz plz kill that Grulet, our town cannot kill one grulet”)…

I am almost lvl.80. Getting spammed with Minstrel legendary weapons so that I have little space in inventory. Mounted combat – still problematic. I have 3 simple Minstrel attacks and 1 melee. Plus – 2 simple (i.e. ranged) that requires 3 codas. All this came to zero when I had to kill one named mob. Some 44.000 health. In melee – two hits, I am dead. I have no self-heals while on mount. I have no “damage-overr-time” attacks. Situtation does look hopeless. Yes, my jewellery and armour are for lvl.65. Legendary weapon is still enhanced lvl.65 (all thanks to Turbine…one can’t barter First age symbols unless he has completed most difficult instances at the hardest tier). However, at lvl.85 I would have Hytbold armour (pretty good one).

Was helped yesterday by our leader – he called me to Snowbourn and explained which jewellery/armour to use. There are still too many and too different equipments in the game. If I was deeveloper, I would simplify them. Sometimes less is more, even in statuses.

But for the next week thiss is not important. I am travelling to Paris. Would be accessing my blog wia free wi-fi though.