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Lord of the rings online

A few days in Vilnius to rest, clean flat and prepare for a trip to Paris. Sitting, looking at Tripadvisor, wikipedia (“Paris museums”), making to-do lists.

Meanwhile in Lotro: Stormsong finally – back in Rohan. Turtoise stone removed (I am afraid I destroyed it), now doing all quests and enjoying content. Rohan is great. Great story, great visuals (just fellowship/raid warbands are not too great).

I took every single quest, not bothering about slayer deeds. These could wait for a while. I need xp to grow up – reached lvl.77 without working too much, earned some 20 steed xp points. Goals are very clear: make steed top level and distribute points as Kin told me; reach lvl.85 so that I could wear Hytbold armour.

Mounted combat is so far unusual. I have almost no usable skills on medium warsteed with heavy bridle (blue trait tree). Some 3 ranged attacks, 1 melee attack, that’s all. Not very impressive, but maybe I will get something usefull later.

And so the day has ended, I left very satisfied. Rohan is like a breath of freedom.