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Logged in to update. Looks like I mised local pets + some update on vault. We now have some “Loyalty Tokens”. Nice to read on updater, yet no one had any token yet…

Lord of the rings online

Too many activity to record. StormSong, my main active toon now, quested -continued questing- in Great River. Only one time I removed xp disabler, only to reach level 75. Why lvl.75? Because on this level I could summon Oathbreakers to come to my aid + I could use new piece of armour.

I am really enjoying adventuring with xp disabler. No grey things, I am attackable and sometimes have to think a few times if I really need to go there where big monster lives. Also, I gain valuable Legendary item xp. Reputation is growing too. NaktiesKarys once gathered a bunch of Limlight Gorge task things – now, they did pay offf, reached first level of reputation thanks to them.

Quests are interesting, although I knew what was going to happen. However, it was really cool to make a stand with Nazgul and make him run. Or witness Nona and Frodo’ss thoughts.

Sometimes I feel a pity developers have locked First age symbols behind almost impossible tier 2  challenges: my toon cannot have First age weapon because there is no First age (lvl/75) symbol even in Auction. Auction is empty, only one First age symbol. How am I supposed to be better fighter when I fight with out-levelled weapons? Kinship, of course, offers help, yet want to be self-sufficient. I can make light armour and bridles myself; I can make weapons myself. All I need is Armourer and Jeweller, yet these are very grindy. And, I repeat, self-efficiency is the most important.

NaktiesKarys has nothing to do but run in Thorins Hall.

In short- life in Lotro is going well. My minstrel is overwhelmed with quests (used 32 out of 50 possible) and xp disabler is cool.