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Lord of the rings online

My vacations is soon™, so it would mean less time for Lotro. Visiting relatives and nice, romantic Paris.

Meanwhile StormSong quested, killing stuff, looting things, getting one time killed. Well, it was not the best idea to melee fight 1 named mob and her 5-6 little guards…Looks like I almost killed named one, some of guards, but rest just overhwelmed me. Otherwise, things were going pretty well. At the end, I grew a bit tired from that many quests. Killing orcs, goblins, wargs, half-ors, gathering Rohirrim weapons, making evil recipe and poisoning Goblins’ food, killing The Cook (we have even such monster) and alike. However, I am satisfied with my Minstrel’s performance. Equipment- yes, outdated, but crafted equipment is far worse than quest one. I need to survive untill lvl.85 – then, up to Hytbold armour! Good news – I am starting to loot Riddermark hide, much needed for my crafter. So far – I find there are way too many quests, I can’t handle them all:regional points to one thing, epic – to another. Looks like I need a bit of break from one of them…

NaktiesKarys logged in, tried to grind Cordolan trinkets, but monsters were too greedy and I looted little of Cordolan trinkets. Talked with kinship a bit – looks like they want my StormSong to be a crafter. I prefer not to – she is a fighter, she gains money and can support house upkeep etc. As always, Kinship instantly runs instances.

Looked in Auction house: they have lvl.100 First age symbols. As cheap as 800-1000 gold. Question to myself: even if I had that much (which I do not) – should I buy? I am not intending to quest in Gondor, since it is hardcore forced raiding area. For all others lvl.95 weapons are more than enough. Yet lvl.100 means more firepower.

And so the day has ended: a bit grumpy in real-life and quite good in Lotro.