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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active: once again, many quests, can’t remember them all. Go there, run here, kill these. I was very satisfied with killing evil Dunlendings, these things does not deserve to live. Once again, my Minstrel shows up very good. Killing enemies with some 17,000 hp (I had only ~3000) was managable. Legendary item experience was flowing. I ran from one NPC to another, killing things, almost completing deeds and at the end re-visited Orthanc surroundings again. Not as a prisoner though: this time Saruman’s lackeys won’t escape my own revenge.

Finally reached Kindred with one faction, bought “Return to Galtrev” skill. Now have to build my reputation with Theodred’s riders. And these…well, some are for Saruman, others doubt treaties with Isengard. A pity to see Grima’s influence this far.

In the middle of Orthanc le-slaughtering, Kinship organized Way of Smiths raid. I was invited, so Naktieskarys logged in, did all shing-shings he could. Situation was problematic, since my PC really lagged. I saw things in low motion, sometimes could not tell where enemy was, hence just did AoE attacks. Finally, we were victorious, there was but 1 loot (Second age lvl.100 symbol) which I failed to win. Question is, what would I do if I had won? If I need something, I need First age weapon and there are no ways I would get First age symbol (all thanks to Lotro becoming hardcore).

And so the day has ended, I felt a bit tired, but overall satisfied. XP disabler works and I am having fun with it, LI experience flows, I have good loots. The day has been very good in Lotro