Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did Hytbold dailies, earned tokens and bartered armour for my Minstrel. At least no worries about lvl.85 Armour.

StormSong was forced to purchase XP disabler (Stone of tortoise). I simply would outlevel any region too quickly and I don’t want to. So – one good pocket item removed, Stone of tortoise slotted. XP is gained only to Legendary weapons.

And questing went good. Saruman could take me prisoner, but not for long: soon, his Orcs were killed, his overseers were killed, his catapults destroyed and his prisoners escaped. Revenge on cursed Falcon clan went good (but lame Lheu has escaped). Then I had a redirection to “Gap of Rohan” and with not-so-bright future to return to Orthanc and slay evils there.

I enjoyed quests and especially – that I gain xp only for Legendary items. However, situation with equipment is just bad. Crafted Guild recipes are no match for looted ones and looted are just too many. Jewellery is very outdated and I cannot decide what to do with it – too many choices. I really need advice from someone experienced.

Overall, things are going well. My minstrel won’t outlevel Rohan (my favourite region) and only in Rohan could I remove xp disabler. I started to extensively use all LI scrolls to be more efficient.

And so the day  has ended, I was very satisfied. The day has been very good in Lotro.