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Lord of the rings online

It was a long weekend in Lotro. StormSong was active all these days. Now, it is hard to tell everything. I did Enedwaith – some quests and all Epic quests. Then quickly moved to Dunland, did all quests there and all Epic quests too. Experience was just flowing, I reached level 74 in no time.

Once again I met treacherous Falcon clan. Once again I was taken as a prisoner to Isengard. And once again I will escape. A pity I am growing too fast – at lvl.74 I should be in Rohan! It could mean only one thing: time to think about Stone of Tortoise (experience disabler). Never imagined I would ever tell this, but there are only two solutions:

1. Turbine makes xp from quests smaller and I mean smaller: cut down to, say, 30%
2. Purchase Stone of Tortoise.

Overall questing is fun, my Minstrel does great things…though I ran into two problems, so typical for me. First – too many gear with too confused statuses and I don’t know which one to choose. Second – outdated Jewellery/pocket items. If I want to update them – once again, too many too different things. I really need an advice from some experienced Minstrel about what to wear. Yes, Will is important, Vitality and Fate too…but what if one gear has +tactical mastery, second gear has +critical rating and third gear +criticalm defense? Which one to choose? Advice is really really needed.

NaktiesKarys had his triumph hour. Since Stormsong will be resting – I logged in Naktieskarys and asked if anyone needed help, except Big Battles and Gondor. One kinnie was, he needed quests in Limlight Gorge. He is a lvl.73 Champion, Dwarf. We formed a good fellowship. He had quests and could easily navigate to targets. I could do fighting. We killed trolls, then killed 2 named trolls, then went to Huorns. Fighting was a bit hard, but each time we were victorious. A pity, few times kinnie died, but returned to battle quickly and fought there. I was in a role I always wanted to be: in frontline, shing-shing’ing big enemies and being victorious. Looks like kinnie was pleasantly surprised, telling how he was impressed. However, soon he will be lvl.100 and would be helping others in Limlight Gorge. Then, did some Hytbold dailies: I am planning to barter lvl.85 Armour for my Minstrel.

NaktiesKarys also took part in some instances: Filikul and Vile Maw. Everything went good, I tried my best shing-shing and even used Champion skill to increase fellowsip’s Vitality.

And so long weekend has ended, I had earned TPs, looted tons of equipment (and well…left many quests/deeds behind). Days are almost perfect – I am busy with tons of quests, all are interesting and involving. Life is just superb in Lotro.

P.S.Vacations soon – will be offline from some 12 to 19 September. Reason: visiting romantic Paris.