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Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was a bit active: helped one kinnie with Scuttledels, Goblin King and Iobar’s peak instances. Scuttledels were easy up untill Mr. Big Spider. I instantly flew down through holes…but finally was victorious. Great Goblin was a bit tricky: it turned out, we were supposed to kill every monster to make any damage to Great Goblin. We were victorious, though my kinnie (minstrel, lvl.61) died few times. Iobar’s peak is a problematic instance. I can deal, as lvl.100 champion, with any opposition there – however, last one, with Dwarves running, was problematic. Two Dwarves managed to get to the egg, but I was able to kill Giant soon, so Dwarves were no longer a threat. I felt good – I was big Champ, using AoE attacks and destroying any opposition.

StormSong was active in Moria. Was active in Zirakzil killing Wargs and worms; later, went to Waterworks for spiders and worms. It required some patience, since I was expexted to kill some 300 monsters. But I did, looted many reputation and task items. My screaming minstrel can now turn in 9 tasks in a day. I hurried with LI deconstructing/levelling too – my two main LI are now at top level. All I need to do is to wait for lvl.75 and new weapons, new armour.

I have finished almost all deeds in Moria (excluding local instances). All that remains are Troll slayer, Troll slayer advanced and Twisted tongue (2 quests). Then, I could leave Moria and concentrate on Kindred with Lothlorien.

Questing in Moria brought me many reputation items. As usually, I barter them so that I have only one sort, Iron Garrison Guards. Now, I do have ~900 low lvl (+30), 107 medium lvl (+50) and some 85 high lvl (+700) reputation items. Calculated: should be enough to gain Kindred with many many clicks. The time has come to create new toon, use reputation items of 3 factions (Bree, Thorins hall, Iron Garrison guards) to get free 150 Turbine points.

Kinship organizes Gondor dailies, as usual. A pity it is not for me – but bright side is, we do have daily acitivities for almost anyone.

And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied, things were going just perfect. The day has been very good in Lotro.