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Lord of the rings online

StormSong was active, questing in Mirkwood. Tried so solo one elite monstyer, got killed…asked for help. Received one – lvl.88 Champion. He did melee attacks, I did ranged ones and we killed mob very soon. Then I was free to do skirmishes (epic line) which I set to lvl.60 and simple killings. Later switched to regional quests: needed both xp and Kindred with Malhedrim.

And then I had The Loot. Socketed lvl.65 Shoulderpads. Of course, all essences were deleted, so I had to hunt. Switched to NaktiesKarys. 1 essence was from animal, 1 – form humanoid monster and 1 – can’t remember from which one. Also, looted “Universal solvent” which I do not need. And then there was great silence, no essences. Finally, I tried to calculate and ask kinnies. It turned out, at lvl.65 there was no need for socketed armour.

Just because 5 is more than 3 (for some reasons Turbine believes 3 is more than 5). On my standard shoulderpads I had 5 bonuses; on socketed – only 3. Thus, I lose some important bonuses. All this mocking ended in wise advice to sell these shoulderpads (if there is any demand for such lame things).

Of course, when I abandoned any hunt – essences started to drop. Minor and major, but it was of no importance. I’ll try to sell them if they can be sold. The main thing is – essence system is poorly implemented. Not sure about top levels, but on lower levels there is absolutely no reason to use socketed armour. Unless…unless player wants to make specialized. Like – “helmet is for might only, leggings are for vitality only…”.  Thus, no need for this armour up to lvl.100.

Then StormSong returned to questing, reached Kindred with Mallhedrim, purchased “return to Mirkwood” skill and went back to Lothlorien. I need to do 2 deeds there: beast slayer + Kindred with locals.

So far I am enjoying my Minstrel, though her equipment is much outdated and sometimes I find it not easy to fight lvl.65 monsters. But it is only 5 levels to go and then I would have new, quality armour. However, jewellery does need some upgrading.

And so weekend has ended. I reached lvl.69, was Kindred with one faction and ready to grind many deeds in Lothlorien and Moria. Life was almost good in Lotro.