Lord of the rings online

StormSong did epic quests in Mirkwood. Finally, exchange scene, death of several Dwarves, but Free people still got some revenge by killing one baddie. After some questing I had to stop: had lvl.60 that required 2 players. One – to man catapults, another – to fight enemies. I have no problems with fighting enemies, but operating siege weapons is a bit problematic for me. Hence have to wait untill someone of my lvl from my Kinship appears.

Since Stormsong had nothing left to do – NaktiesKarys entered the scene. Ride to Barrows near Bree, farming of Cordolan trinkets. Shing-shings in all their beauty, loots…and finally I saw someone else killing mobs. Level 100 player. I left Barrows, declining offer for fellowship (I was done with farming). Time for Sarnur…and then received PM breaking all my plans.

Level 95 Hunter asked “to borrow me” for some instances. First started duo and things were going tough, but pretty well. I did shing-shing, using all my favourite AoE attacks, running forwards, to the heart of battle. Hunter provided excellent ranged support, raining tons of arrows at enemy and sometimes even healing (?) me. Then we got stucked with one boss of ~300.000 hp, got killed. Invited tank and finished. Then there were other instances, once again I was the one to rush, to shing-shing nice-looking AoE attacks and once again we were victorious. We ended with Warg-pens, where I was killed several times, but nevertherless we were victorious.

I had to leave fellowship, my equipment being lower than 50% and repair bill being at 1 gold. However, bounty alone was 3 gold coins and I even looted some equipment suitable for Minstrel. The main thing, however, was not loot or instances (I’m not big fan of these).

Main thing was my Champion acting as tank. Using almost all potions and surviving, I felt in a right place when I was surrounded by horde of mobs and spammed AoE attacks. I felt I was usefull and the words “no one can beat big Naktieskarys” were like honey for me. It was on-level instance and I was usefull, I was not one standing in the corner and waiting. An exciting feeling, even several deaths in a row could not spoil it.

And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied, earned 1 trait point for my Champion and even some Turbine points too. The day has been very good in Lotro.