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Lord of the rings online

StormSong finanly finished Epic quest Volume I. It took entire 15 books with long series of quests, skirmishes, session plays. Now, I am done with that, even received some Turbine points. Finished Prologue to Volume II. Now have to concentrate on long quest line in Mirkwood. Free Peoples are about to assault enemy fortress and exchange Mazog into prisoners. Everyone knows how it would end, but let us not spoil things.

Epic line was not too boring this time. I had to fight real monsters that gave me xp, I progressed deeds (beast slayer is very close to completion) and finally reached level 67. Of course, there are some 18 quests in book 9, so I have plenty of time to grow up and prepare for final, lvl.65 Skirmish. My minstrel is performing adequately, though I suspect I should do something about equipment. AoE spells, these columns of light, are spectacular and very helpfull. And Mirkwood is not that grumpy as I thought it was. Yes, it is dark forest with lots of un-friendly animals, but this is not a huge problem. More killed enemies, more xp and more gold from loot.

Mr. Mazog aside, there was a heated discussion in the forums about Turtle problem. Situation: in Gondor there is a quest to catch a lvl.100 turtle, release and kill it. Of course, game elitists started releasing turtles in starter areas like Bree. It was veyr fun for them to see so much awaited hardcore in action. Some players were annoyed – almost everyone in my Kinship too – and told they would report such harrasers. Yet there was no step from Turbine. No sign of any action. Someone posted in the forums, I replied (which was what I thought) that it is simple. Elitists have been screaming in forums “gimme more hardcore, me luvz hardcorez!” for years – so they goit hardcore. Then I got attack on me, calling me drug/alcohol addict etc. The elite of screamers all went on me. They were not adressing problem, yet the person who frankly told about it. There were some players (minority) who told griefing is not good and they would report: majority just assaulted me. I was a perfect target for screamers. Then, unexpectedly for both sides, our new Community manager interfered. Quest with turtles was cancelled, though – as he told – they were not willing to do so. Was it new Lotro mecahnic that was cancelled due to too much negative PR? Or it was a software bug that somehow was missed by every beta-tester? No clear answer.

And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied with my mini, felt no need to log my Champions (why should I?), I had many task items to get big xp. Life was very good in Lotro.