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Lord of the rings online

lmost all toons were inactive. StormSong continued her questing. She quickly finished Sabretooth slayer deed (advanced) in Forochel, did 2 dailies and then rode to the vault to use some reputation items. Finally, Kindred with xenophobic Lossoths. Then had to continue my journey following epic quest line.

And this line brought me to Rivendell, then – to meet people in Tinnundir, Thorins Hall, Michel Delving, Angmar. Had two session plays – one where I play as a bad guy and see how Amarthiel tortures Laerdan; second – as Laerdan going to save his daughter. Finally, there was a showdown where almighty Amarthiel was betrayed by her servants, her trophy ring Narchuil taken from her. Free people finally captured her – thus Volume I book 14 ends. Now I am at the last book, book 15, it will include much riding back and forwards.

However, I left satisfied. I finished some deeds (extra ~30 Turbine points), saw very captivating cutscenes and am satisfied Volume I will end very soon. I soloed instances intended for lvl.50. Today I made probably last investment into StormSong: bought (95 TP again) class trait slot unlock. Now my Minstrel has all slots unlocked. All I should do – is to finish epic quests and probably go to Dunland. The question is if I should do Enedwaith now…or just wait untill it becomes grey.

Kinship was active with DA dailies, including TC. There was a bit heated discussion about DA and essence system. Rumours are that slotted lower lvl armour exists. If it does, its drop rate is less than 0,1% and therefore it can be treated as non-existent. Some people keep telling raid level warbands can be soloed and I can’t believe that (yet some kinnies claim to have solo it and they won’t lie). Yet I am very firm about this. I have placed a barrier to Gondor and won’t return. I know I won’t purchase further quest packs in Gondor, I know I am not going quest there and spoil my nerves. So, now I am calm, growing up my Minstrel: soon, I will have some fun in Great River and Rohan.

And so the day has ended, I left satisfied. The day has been very good in Lotro.