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Lord of the rings online

Weekend with Lotro: NaktiesKarys once tried to help kinnie, but got lost in the mazes of Carn Dum; tried to aid kinnies in Fornost, but was not allowed to enter. DunedanMule crafted a little, Vytautaz was inactive.

StormSong continued her journey. Icy, beautifull world of Forochel is really refreshing. Quests of all kinds, newly re-found strategy of “if it is deedable, kill it”. Turning in task items 8 times, then waiting to next day. I have followed epic line, too, running instances, killing things, watching plots (at least Amarthiel got a twist with her servants…). All exploration deeds are completed and only one slayer deed (adv.) remains to be done.

I am proud to have completed Grim slayer (advanced). Just go to Nicca’s cave, kill everything there, wait a bit, then repeat. I used my…free time…to hunt Gauredain outside the cave. Sometimes there were 1-3 Grims outside too. It was there that I killed all of 200 Grims. Finally, the most grindy slayer deed was over, I went to relax and kill Gauredain, Angmarim and Sabre-tooth. Sabre-tooths were a bit probpematic: there is one mountain, full of them, I killed all, travelled outside while using 30 minutes slayer deed accelerator. Finally, accelerator was over and I lacked some 50 animals.

Forochel is almost over, I gained as much Turbine points as I could from it. All that remains is reputation. >20.000 xp to reach Kindred with xenophobic Lossoth. And then – epic quest line continues to book 14 and 15. Forochel has demonstrated me that to reach any goal one has to have determination to do it. If I want, I will do (soloable content). If I doubt, I won’t do. Of course, class matters: making deeds with Minstrel is way much better than with Champion.

We have Summer festival in Lotro – none of my toons is attending. We have Hobnagnigans game – not attending too. And Kinship, as usually, is organizing Dol Amroth dailies and TC quests. Well, these things do not bother me, I won’t return there as well as I won’t purchase further quest packs. Gondor does not interest me any more.

Invested yet another 200 TPs into StormSong: this time purchased two Trait slots unlocks. Forochel gives me ~140 TPs, so my cute Minstrel is to gather reputation items to cover expenses. Yet I do not regret investing: playing Minstrel is very cool and inspiring.

And so weekend has ended, I had earned TPs, had much fun. Days are just superb in Lotro.