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Lord of the rings online

StormSong was the only active (even DunedanMule did not craft). i did epic quests which took me from green Evendim to Rivendell, then to snowy Misty mountains and to evil Goblin town, finally – some quests/instances in grumpy Angmar. I did all “this is for fellowship lvl.50, if you solo, content may be hard” instances easily. No one was able to stop my lvl.66 Minstrel. Finally, at some book 12, I was redirected to one of my favourite regions: Forochel.

I like this icy region with its aurora borealis, snow and ice play, Nothern names. Once I had the opportunity -I took all local quests. Lossoth may be a gooid men, but they are highly xenophobic. Everyone would start as an Outsider and have to work before getting neutral. But I will reach Kindred with them, no matter the costs. Task boards will greatly help me with this as well as reputation items. Of course, I am aware of some very slow slayer deeds, like Grim slayer. Grims are rare, therefore there is only one rule: saw Grim, kill it.

Kinship once again organized TC fellowships/raids, I stayed aside and felt kind of happy. These things does not bother me anymore. I tried to organize Filikul, but there were too little enthusiasts. Finally, we did School and Library run, I was killed several times (left me highly unsatisfied), but nevertherless, we were victorious.

I really may need instances to learn how to heal. At lvl.66 I have some 5 healing skills, including 2 AoE ones. And I need to be efficient healer, that’s why Minstrels are sought to any group. With my Kinship activity, I hope to be a…fast learner.

And so the day has ended. A pity I could not find a company to show me the Goblin town and finish all deeds here. Otherwise, I was self-efficient, ran though content easily. The day has been very good in Lotro.