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Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was almost inactive: gave some ingots to kinnie and got out of Lotro. DunedanMule was crafting, Vytautaz was inactive.

Stormsong had many acitivities. Epic line – was doing this, riding back and forth, untill finally got quests in nice Evendim. Go there, capture this, kill that, collect this one. Kind of easy and still interesting. One time thought about killing one named monster, after long time he spawned…and killed me. He was not that big (only 26,000 hp), but had adds and did a great fear on me. Heals did not help, AoE attacks neither – was killed, quest deleted. Was angry and swore I will return at some lvl.95 there when I have a chance to solo.

In Evendim I also did some side jobs: killed giants, killed Brutes in the Annuminas. Tried Minstrel’s AoE: gathered some 6 Angmarim and used my AoE attacks. They managed to take some health away, but never was I endangered. Looted some reputation items (once again my Minstrel pays off!). One time in Angmar received cold invite, accepted, asked why was I needed. Received no answer, left group soon.

And then – to heals. I was lucky enough to go to 2 Kinship raids. Filikul and Vile Maw. Folks told me to be healer which I did. Being a healer is cool, I always love to see how other player’s health is being restored. Plus I could spam AoE heals. In short, I had some 5 healing spells which I used. Filikul was running very good, I looted stuff, though won no LI experience rune (a pity). Then folks thought to start Vile Maw. I was caucious, my Minstrel is still low level, but finally went. Switched to blue stance, top healing one. Was instructed how to behave and initially it worked 101%. Folks were fighting and my job was to see whose health drops and heal. Then fight went into water and I hads to move there if I was to heal my own allies.

Then things went a bit wrong. Someone was killed, I ran to resurrect him and heal others, somehow was hit by monster’s attack (AoE? bleeding?), but could self-heal. I ran towards my allies, one more was killed, I tried to heal…and was killed myself. One kinnie resurrected me – only for me to be killed very quickly. My healer was dead, useless to group. And group finished Vile Maw, I was resurrected, finished quest to find Dwarves there. Raid was done.

My impressions are mixed. Group was doing well without me for some time, that’s the fact (if health does not drop, it means fighting is going good). When group health began to drop, it was not in huge numbers and I was able to heal quickly. Not sure how did I perform in reality. I cannot judge myself and others…well, maybe they will tell something aside compliments, like “do not blame yourself”. Maybe I made some mistakes too. Which takes to logic conclusion that I need some practice as healing minstrel.

And so the day has ended. I was happy with my Minstrel, eager to heal/dps and finish boring Epic volume I as soon as possible. Overall, the day has been very good in Lotro.