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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys bought 2 crystals, used them on legendary weapon and now my LI has all the upgrades, 3/3 stars. I am not getting lvl.100 First age weapon anyway and do not want to start playing with lvl.100 second or third age ones. Besides, planning no serious fights means I do not need new weapon.

StormSong continued uninspiring epic quests from Volume I. There are 15 book to go, hundreds of quests to do and too many travels from “Elrond, the Half-Elven” to same ranger in Angmar. Had even to visit John Brackenbrock in Archet (and eventually to find out I missed 2 quests in starter area). All I want is to go through all of this as quickly as possible. I can do lvl.49-50 instances without serious trouble, thanks to Inspiration bonus. I can kill most enemies without serious trouble. Yet this old and boring content is…well…boring. Too many times I have to ride back and forth.

Every day Kinship is organizing Gondor dailies/TC – something that is not for me. Gondor is not for me and in current state (75% raid content) would never be. These devastating dailies with “lose-lose” outcome. This senseless uninspiring grind in the name of grind. This evil, always against me, Random Number Generator. People also talk about Essences which make me feel a bit nervous. Yet another thing that I won’t receive.

However, I think I needed a break from levelling. And I hope to receive quest that would direct me to Enedwaith, where evil Goats dwell. Untill then, I have to mobilize all my enerhy and do not-so-inspiring epic quests.

Bright side: did some book, received 20 Turbine points, also started some slayer deeds. Weird side:it turned out I did no deeds or quests in Angmar. However, it means I would have plenty of things to do should I become bored at some level.

And so the day has ended. I was doing uninspiring quests, yet hoping to start new adventures Soon™. The day has been good in Lotro.