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Lord of the rings online

Game was on update, so had not too much time to play. Update itself reset trait tress, had to re-configure everything. Again. There are only 3 abilities left to start and/or max in my Minstrel’s red (“skald”) trait tree. What happens next – no idea.

Update makes lame ent think fast, not 18 hours. Also makes some cosmetic changes that won’t affect my gameplay. TC is supposed to be made a bit closer to reality, but not close enough to be doable by me. Otherwise, nothing impressive.

DunedanMule was crafting, Naktieskarys and Vytautaz were passive. Only my Minstrel, little StormSong was active. This time she rode to Rivendell, spoke to “Elrond, Half-elven” only to got redirected to another instance..and then chose Misty mountains.

There I was doing slayer deeds. Started with Snow beast slayer (advanced) and quickly finished. Then took bears (advanced) and it took me not too long when I killed 200 of them, finishing advanced slayer deed. Side effects: looted things for task board and increased my reputation with Thorins Hall; looted many Pristine hides, sent them to my crafter so that DunedanMule has 1 stack of brushed and 1 stack of glazed Pristine hides.

Kinship was once more active in Western Gondor, making groups for Dol Amroth dailies and evil TC. A pity, everyone was busy with it and I could not start my Filikul raid.

I am a bit on crossroads now. I can make epic, volume 1, ride forwards and backwards, finish it and somehow get redirection to Enedwaith (if it exists), do some deeds there and forwards to Dunland. Or, I can ride to Mirkwood, do all quests/deeds there, finish with Mirkwood, get Kindred with Lothlorien and then do something.

Meanwhile I am just taking some rest. Killing monsters in Misty mountains is just a rest for me. A rest that gives Turbine points and some coins. Later…I may finish quests, including epics, in Mirkwood and leave deeds for some lvl.100, when I will have nothing more to do.

I am still sad about Gondor, when I hear people talking about socketed armour and essences. I do trash all essences below lvl.95 and feel a pity my champion won’t have socketed armour. Dol Amroth is a Rubicon for me and I am not a Caesar (i.e. if I am not self-sufficient for solo quest, I won’t do that quest. I must be self-sufficient for formally solo content). But after all – what do I have to lose? I won’t purchase further Gondor parts, epic would be free, so I should be able to survive basic things. Besides, some person claimed Gondor to be content that satisfies everyone. Obviously, that player declared war on hard data. 75% of Gondor is for raids or fellowships and you can’t escape it if you want socketed armour.

And so the day has ended, I had some nice and easy deeds, gathered TPs. Day has been very good in Lotro.