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Lord of the rings online

Weekend saw me in Lotro. I am happy – I finally solved Gondor problem. This region is no more existent for me. NaktiesKarys finished task items there and left for Thorin’s Hall. Gondor is no more, purchasing any other region of this hell on Middle Earth is no more an option.

StormSong travelled far and wide. Did many quests and deeds in Lothlorien. Witnessed one choice (hunt protected animals or not: chose not to hunt. I am a nice person after all). Then, after some thoughts, went to Mirkwood.

I was not a big fan of Mirkwood. Grumpy forest with too many enemies lurking in shadows, Carguls and named monsters, some not-so-easy skirmishes and even catapult firing. However, after Gondor any region is good for me. And so was Mirkwood. I was lvl.64, enemies were some  lvl.61. I hunted, I did every quest I was asked for, I gained reputation with local Malhedrim. Sometimes I had annoying quests (Goblin scouts), sometimes quests were interesting. Slayer deeds were going perfectly – I do not miss an opportunity to kill deedable enemy. One time was killed – I tried to aggro some 5 spiders and then AoE them. It turned out I was not able to do this, despite all heals and buffs. This event aside, things were going very well.

And then, as one bad person said once, “the storm came loose”. I found Kinship groups were organizing to storm Library (not lvl.100 one). I joined. We were 3 on-level players: Champion, Minstrel, Warden. I got killed few times, got resurrected by Warden. Champion did what he could best – shing shing, Warden was making combos and instantly running out of power. I was DPS’ing. Spamming all attacks I could, sometimes starting big aggro. Finally, we went to boss, I switched to healing mode, tried to spam whatever heals I had…and monster killed me. It wasn’t first death there, but still unpleasant. However, we were victorious…and started yet another instance. Once again, same group, AoE attacks even from me…and after some running – victory once more. Another storm was over Moria – Tsuhelm and me, together killing whatever we needed in Foundations of Stone. I even managed to do one quest there. Alas, real life intervened and I had to stop my participation in this “kill ’em all” festival. When I returned, I was solo, yet managed to do some slayer deeds.

As I was level 65, received some letters. One called me to Dunland. Wait a second, I did not enter Enedwaith, how am I expected to miss it? Another called to one Hobbit. And then mega-quest chain “In their Absence” was started. There were 2 high level kinnies who helped me, killing every monster (my contribution was not so big), healing and resurrecting. After some chapter 9 I told it was tiome to end this. If “In ther absence” has 15 chapters, I cannot be so selfish and force people to help me all day and night long.

Yet another instance – Filikul. I asked if anyone was interested, since I do need some Tokens of Nimrodel to get lvl.60 first age songbook. We formed a strong company, I was dps’ing and finally we were victorious. I got my tokens, though would have to grind for more.

Finally, participated in Sambrog run as a healer. Tried my best, fighting as healer, not offensive, is a bit hard for me, but I tried what could. Only with the last boss I was told to be DPS. And it was something I knew good, I think I was effective.

The weekend has ended with many instances, almost lvl.67 reached, Legendary weapon changed (next would be lvl.75) and regions overlapped. Overlapping is so typical for Lotro. I found that many things in Lotro -for me- depend on the faith. If I believe I could do – I will do, I will die, I will rise/be resurrected and do again. If I like region, almost nothing could stop me from liking it, from going to take some rest there. At the darker side: if I think something is not doable by me – I would avoid that content. If something is not soloable – I would most likely avoid. And if I believe region is grumpy and lame – almost nothing can make me change my mind. I have to believe into something in order to do it, be it “could I use skill A, then skill Z and then skill B – and win?” or “let us revenge my last humiliation here!”…or simple “kill ’em all!”. If there is no faith – there is no fun, there is no initiative to do anything.

Today there would be little play – Lotro is going on some 4 hours maintenance.

And so weekend has ended, I was really satisfied with my Minstrel, gained valuable Turbine points and was ready for further adventures (just which region?). Things were going superb in Lotro.